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Harami Primeshots Web Series Cast, Release date 2023

The director of Primeshots is going to release a new web series, the teaser of which has been released just a while back. The teaser of this web series is quite interesting. The lead actresses of this web series will be seen Shayana Khatri and Neha Gupta.

The story of this web series is going to be very spectacular because as you would know, whenever a web series is released on Primeshots app, its story is seen completely different. Because of this, fans wait to watch each of his web series.

Let us tell you that Shayana Khatri and Neha Gupta keep sharing their bold pictures on their social media, due to which she remains in headlines every day. And now finally we are going to see in this new web series. In this web series, 18+ will be seen with bold romance.

And today I will tell you about Harami Primeshots Web Series. In which we will know, you will get all the information like Cast, Story, Release Date, Watch Online of this web series here. At this time, there is a different craze of web series, which people like to watch.

Harami Primeshots Web Series Info 

Series Name Harami 
Genre 18+ Adult Romance
Lead Cast Shayana Khatri
Neha Gupta
DirectorN / A
Total Episode 2 / 3
Language Hindi 
Release date 25 May 2023
Ott Platform Primeshorts App 

Harami Primeshorts Web Series Cast 

Beautiful actress Shayana Khatri and Neha Gupta will be seen in this web series. If you guys are still watching Primeshorts series, then you must have noticed that Primeshots has become much better than before. Earlier we used to get to see the concept of Sirius very well.

Scenes were not so special to be seen. But guys, now both of you are getting to see good things. Whenever a new web series of these two is released, the audience becomes very happy to watch them. And start waiting for the release of his web series.

Both the actresses are very bold and beautiful, the figure of both these actors is amazing. So you can understand, at what level this web series is going to be. Understand that all of you are going to have a lot of fun in Harami Web Series.

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Harami Primeshorts Web Series Story 

Primeshots app is known for its hot web series. Talk about the story of this web series, you will get to see a lot of action, romance in this web series. The trailer of this web series has not been released yet, its title itself tells what kind of story it is going to be.

It will be very easy to understand the story of this web series only after watching the trailer. We will update the story once the trailer is released. Along with this, we will also tell you whether this web series is worth watching or not. Very soon this web series will be released.

Harami Primeshorts Web Series Release date

Primeshorts App is known for its entertainment web series. Harami web series will be officially released in April 2023 on Primeshots App. Harami Web Series is going to prove to be a money making web series for you. If you are also crazy about watching web series, then definitely watch this web series once. Hope you will like this web series.

Let us know about the plan of Primeshots Ott Platform.

  • Unlimited Screening for Rs 295 for 1 month
  • Unlimited Screening for 3 months at Rs 489
  • Unlimited Screening for 6 months at Rs 699
  • Unlimited Screening for Rs 999 for 1 year

If you buy a subscription to Primeshots Ott Platform, you will get to watch all the episodes of the web series. After which you can watch all the best web series of Primeshots.

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