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Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series Watch All Episodes

Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story, Watch Online, Review Here. You will get all the information about Web Series Like Here. Ullu App keeps coming up with amazing content for its viewers.

Recently Tohfa Part 1 Web Series was released on Ullu App. Which was liked by the audience a lot. People enjoyed it a lot. Let me tell you that the makers have doubled your happiness!  The trailer of Tohfa Part 2 Web Series has been released.

Yes friends, the trailer of this Web Series has been released recently. The trailer is great and fun. People are liking the trailer of this web series very much. Ullu App is entertaining the audience in a better way than the digital streaming platforms.

After watching its trailer, people are getting very eager to watch this Web Series. Friends Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series is going to be full of Entertainment. In this Web Series you will be shown a lot of bold and romantic scenes. For more information about this Web Series, read this article completely.

Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series Info

Series Name Tohfa Part 2
Season 1
Genre Romance / Darma 
Lead Cast Shayana Khatri
Leena Singh
Tarakesh Chauhan
DirectorHumatun Abbas
Total Episode 4 / 8
Language Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Bhojpuri
Release date 20 June 2023
Ott Platform Ullu Originals App 

Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast 

Know about the Complete Cast and Crew of Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series.

  • Shyna Khatri (Renu)
  • Leena Singh (Vidhi)
  • Rishabh Srivastava (Montu)
  • Tarakesh Chouhan (Keshavlal)

In Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series, you will be seen in the main Character Shayana Khatri, Pihu Singh and Leena Singh in this series. All these three are very Beautiful and very bold actresses. Apart from these three actresses, very brilliant actor Tarakesh Chauhan is also going to be seen. 

People like his series very much.The audience likes the acting, Bold Scenes Web Series of these three actresses. These days only one actress is seen in most of the Web Series. Yes, we are talking about Shayana Khatri, who is currently seen working in all the Web Series coming on Different Platforms. 

His Web Series is very much liked by the audience at this time. Apart from these, many other actors have acted in this Web Series. In this web series you have everything from adult drama, romance drama. Which you are going to like a lot. This web series is going to give you a lot of fun.

Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series Story 

Talking about the story, in Part 1 we saw that two friends worked together in a city.  One’s name was Amya and the other friend’s name was Mantu.  The two friends used to live together.  Then after a few days Mantu is going to his village.  Mantu’s friend Amya tells Mantu that if you are going to the village, you will do a small work for me.  

Hearing this, Mantu says that we will celebrate the holidays or will do your work.Then Amya says, I have taken a gift for my wife with great love, you give this gift to my wife.  After some time Mantu goes to his village.  And then after some time he goes to Amya’s house to give a gift to his wife.  

When he goes to Amya’s house, we see that he will be seen in the role of Amya’s wife (Shayana Khatri).  And along with this Tarakesh Chauhan will also be seen in this web series. Tarakesh Chauhan tells his daughter-in-law when Mantu goes to her house to deliver the gift.  Bahu is Amya’s friend. Mantu has come from Mumbai. 

After which Tarakesh Chauhan says daughter-in-law, he is Amya’s friend, Mantu has come from Mumbai.  Then Mantu gives his friend’s gift to Amya’s wife, and says that Amya has sent this specially for you. Then on the other side we see Amya’s wife’s sister asks Shayana Khatri, who is this handsome boy outside, her sister says that he is your brother-in-law’s friend. 

After that we see on the other side, Mantu is going to be plain.  So he talks to his future wife on video call and Mantu says, just remove your scarf. After a few days, Mantu falls in love with his friend’s wife. And then after a few days he is seen romancing with his wife.

Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series Release date 

Let’s talk about the Release date of the Web Series, then this Web Series will be released on 20 June 2023. Yes friends, today this Web Series has been released. And guys in this Web Series you guys will get to see only 5, 6, 7, 8 Episodes. 

Whose time duration is going to be 25 – 30 minutes. In this Web Series, apart from Bold scenes, this story will be seen with a different sequence. All these Episodes are going to be very interesting. 

Which you are going to enjoy a lot. This Web Series will be released in 5 Languages ​​on Ullu Platform. Which you can enjoy by watching this Web Series in your Favorite Language Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu Language.

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Tohfa Part 2 Ullu Web Series Watch Online 

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  • Unlimited Screening for Rs 180 for 1 month
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If you buy a Subscription to Ullu, you will get to Watch all the Episodes of the Web Series. After which you can Watch all the best Web Series of Ullu. As you all know Ullu App releases two New Web Series every week on its OTT Platform.

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We have told all this information to make you all aware.  We have not shared any link to download the Web Series, our Website does not endorse any Legal Website. There are some legit websites which share web series Download links, please avoid it. To Watch the Web Series, you go to its Original Platform and Watch it from there.

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