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Top 5 Best Smartphones Under Rs. 50,000 Special Features

So, which are the best smartphones that cost less than Rs 50,000. This list includes phones from brands like OnePlus, Samsung, Apple, Moto and iQOO. Let’s know about the details and price of the phone in this post.

Friends, the price point of Rs 50,000 is a bit confusing. Because there are a lot of options. Because that is a range where you get good specifications. And this is a range where you get good iPhones from Apple. In this post, we will talk about which phones you can consider for Rs 50,000. And which phone is the best for you. 

Top 5 Best Smartphones Under Rs. 50,000 Review, Release Date, Camera, Display, Ram, Rom, Storage, Battery, Special Features, Phone Price You will get all the information of the phone like here.

iPhone 12 

iphone 12

But the first question that we can get an iPhone for Rs 50,000. So friends, you can buy an iPhone for Rs 50,000. And you can buy iPhone 12. My recommendation is to avoid iPhone 12 mini. And if possible, go for iPhone 12. Because the battery of the mini was bad.iPhone 12 is fine. On top of that, iPhone 12 gets 5G support.

Brand Name iPhone 12
ProcessorApple A14 Bionic
Launch Date18 Oct, 2020
Price in India₹ 53,999
Selfie Camera 12 MP 
Rear Camera12 MP + 12 MP Dual
Display6.1 inches
Weight162 grams
Internal Memory64 GB
Expandable MemoryNo
Battery capacity2815 mAh
Fast charging20W
ColorsRed, white, greenBlue, Black Purple 
Official Sitewww.apple.com

All the iPhones below it, except iPhone SE 5G. You can avoid all the iPhones except that. Including iPhone 11. iPhone 12 is also a phone that can be considered. 5G is good, display is good, camera is good. It is a bit old but Apple software will update it.And it is available in the market for Rs 50,000. So you can consider it.

OnePlus 11R 5G

OnePlus 11R 5G phone

But if your priority is to buy a phone from another company. Like a lot of people try to buy a phone from OnePlus. Then OnePlus 11R can be a good option. Although 11R is a good phone. But it is not a good phone for gaming. And if you want to play games, OnePlus 11R is better. You can look at the iQOO 90. 

Brand Name OnePlus 11R
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1
Launch Date21 Feb 2023
Price in India₹ 39,999
Selfie Camera 16 MP
Rear Camera50 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP
Display6.74 inches
Weight205 grams
Internal Memory128 GB
Expandable Memory256 GB
Battery capacity5000 mAh
Fast charging100W
ColorsSonic BlackGalactic Silver
Official Sitewww.oneplus.in

It can provide you a better value. Anyway, talking about OnePlus 11R. Camera is good. Display is good. Design is good. Charging speed is 100W. And 5000 mAh battery is available. And overall, if you want an all-rounder package. Then 11R is a good choice from OnePlus.                                          

iQOO 9 SE 5G 

iQOO 9 SE 5G phone

But if your priority is gaming. And you want a better hardware specification. Then you can look at the iQOO 90. You will get to see almost everything in that phone. There you will get a 120Hz E5 AMOLED screen. Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. It comes with up to 12GB RAM. The main camera is 50MP. 13MP is ultra-wide. 

Brand Name iQOO 9
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1
Launch Date2 Mar 2022
Price in India₹ 37,999
Selfie Camera 16 MP
Rear Camera50 MP + 13 MP + 2
Display6.62 inch
Weight200 grams
Internal Memory128 storage 
Expandable Memory1 TB
Battery capacity4700 mAh
Fast charging120W
ColorsBlack, white, Blue
Official Sitewww.iqoo.com

And you get to see a 12MP 2x portrait lens. It has a 4700 mAh battery. And 120W charging is available. And overall, the package is very good. In under Rs.50,000. You can still choose the iQOO 90. But if you are a Chinese company. And you don’t want to buy a phone from a Chinese company. Then you can consider Samsung in Rs.50,000. 

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    Samsung Galaxy S22

    Samsung Galaxy S22

    Here you can get the Galaxy S22. Although this phone is not made for gamers. Because it has Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. In which there was heating while playing games. But in normal cases, S22 can be used. It can also be added that the 50MP main camera is great. And camera wise, you will get the best performance. In this particular segment, there is no charger in the box.

    Brand Name Samsung Galaxy 
    ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 1
    Launch Date25 Feb 2022
    Price in India₹ 52,990
    Selfie Camera 10 MP
    Rear Camera50 MP + 12 MP + 10 MP
    Display6.1 inches
    Weight167 grams
    RAM8 GB
    Internal Memory128 GB
    Expandable MemoryNo
    Battery capacity3700 mAh
    Fast charging25W
    ColorsGreen, Purple, Black, White 
    Official Sitewww.samsung.com

    And the charging speed of this phone is very slow. Along with this, the special feature of this phone is that it comes with a compact design. It comes with a 6.1-inch screen size. So those who want a phone with a small screen size. They can consider this phone. If you have seen, then the Galaxy S22 is also such a phone. Which you can consider in today’s time.

    Motorola Edge 30 Ultra 5G

    Motorola Edge 30 Ultra 5G

    And along with this, I have another phone here. Which is from Motorola. This phone is also of Rs.50,000. But in this phone you can see a curved AMOLED screen. 144Hz refresh rate. 200MP camera. Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 can be seen. I am talking about Motorola’s Edge 30 Ultra. This is also a good phone in this range. 

    Brand Name Motorola
    ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1
    Launch Date22 Sep 2022
    Price in India₹ 50,499
    Selfie Camera 60 MP
    Rear Camera200 MP + 50 MP + 12
    Display6.67 inches
    Weight198.5 grams
    RAM8 GB
    Internal Memory128 GB
    Expandable Memory1 TB
    Battery capacity4610 mAh
    Fast charging125W
    ColorsInterstellar BlackStarlight White
    Official Sitewww.motorola.com

    Where you get to see a lot of things from Motorola. And if you look at this whole category, it is one of the most premium phones. Even in the selfie camera, a 60MP camera has been used. And here you have a battery of 4,610mAh. You get to see a charging of 125W. And if you see this, then this is also a phone in Rs.50,000. On which you can pay attention.

    If your priority is to buy a Motorola or this type of phone. So friends, I talked about some of these phones. Which can be seen here, can make a good value in under Rs.50,000. Due to not having many options available in Rs.50,000. Had to include some old phones. But if you see in Rs.50,000, you get an iPhone, Samsung, One Plus, iQOO and Motorola. Now it depends on you, which phone you want to buy.

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